Tea is the world’s second most consumed beverage and is found in various flavours and kinds. Tea, often known as chai, is considered a comfort drink in India. From ‘cutting Chai’ to black tea, chai is always there for you, whether you’re weary, sick, or sleepy. 

As Indians, we use 70% of the tea we produce in our own country. This further demonstrates how much we adore our tea. When selecting the best chai Patti in India, many options are available. 

1. Tata Tea 

The Tata group established them in 1962. Tata Tea, a Tata Consumers Products Limited product, is India’s most well-known tea brand. It is available in various flavors and sorts to appeal to a wide range of tea consumers. Tata Tea has a great scent and taste, and its low price makes it ideal for most customers. Tata Tea selects tea leaves by hand from Assam’s world-renowned tea gardens.

2. Lipton 

In India, Hindustan Lever Limited owns the Lipton brand. Originally, Lipton was a British brand. Lipton introduced a green tea variety that became an instant hit among green tea connoisseurs. This green tea has been shown in studies to enhance weight, cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal health, available memory, reduce the risk of malignant growth, and the list goes on. The brand has been around in India for more than a century and serves as a reminder of the British domain’s booming tea trade. 

3. Brooke Bond 

Brooke Bond, a Hindustan Unilever Private Limited product, strives to make the world a more inviting place by bringing people together over a cup of hot tea. The brand has been famous among tea connoisseurs in India and internationally since 1966. The Brooke Bond Red Label tea is a premium blend of tea leaves that have been ethically sourced. As a result, the tea provides a rich and relaxing flavor, making it a popular choice in Indian households. 

4. Wagh Bakri 

Wagh Bakri has been in the industry since 1892 and is known for its exquisite tea. Wagh Bakri now claims to be one of India’s largest bundled tea companies and is considered the best chai Patti brand in India. Tea gathering is the first step in tea fares and retail purchases worldwide. Therefore, Wagh Bakri tea enthusiasts may be found worldwide, which has helped Wagh Bakri establish itself as a truly global brand.

Wagh Bakri premium leaf tea is hand-picked from the highest-quality tea cultivars and blended by tea experts. Wagh Bakri premium leaf tea has a strong flavouflavorch tone and an energienergizing. A unique blend of seven authentic Indian spices and excellent tea leaves. other well-known tea manufacturers

5. Society Tea

Society is a famous tea brand distributed by Hasmukhrai and Co., a Mumbai-based company. Every tea leaf is manually squashed, wrapped, and twisted to create a unique aroma and flavour. Society Masala Tea is meant to be energising, with flavours that have been shown to have fantastic cancer-prevention effects and a unique, robust flavour. So brew a cup or two of this concoction and watch your worries, stresses, and second thoughts fade away. The aroma of freshly ground cardamoms wafting from a steaming cup of tea is well-loved by those who enjoy Elaichi tea. 

6. Taj Mahal 

Brooke Bond’s Taj Mahal was created in 1996 and contains the essence of the strongest tea leaves to provide the right combination of strength and flavor. Only one ingredient is used to make this product: fresh leaves with no artificial additions or preservatives.

According to reviewers, the tea has a solid and pleasant flavour it’s stronger than other black teas. 

7. Organic India Tea 

Organic India is one of the most recent tea brands to gain popularity among the health-conscious crowd. Tulsi, or Basil, herbal teas and infusions were first offered to the world by the health brand created in Lucknow in 1997. The herbal tea has an exquisite flavor and scent, and it helps relieve stress and boost the immune system. Organic India tea provides tea in both forms, tea bags, and loose leaves.

Wrapping Up

Tea can be distinguished by its form, origin, scent, and flavor. As previously indicated, concentrating on the top tea brands in India can significantly improve the quality of your tea sessions. Know the upselling features and make an informed judgment on which is the best chai Patti in India and satisfy the chai lover in you.